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The government realizes the importance of mainstreaming gender in science, technology and innovation. In actualizing this realization, the National Commission for Science and Technology (NCST) have been implementing a number of initiatives that aim at inculcating a science and technology culture in the country, that includes the establishment of the Women in Science and Technology Network (WISTNET), comprising of Malawian women scientists, researchers and technologists from the academia, private sector, civil society and government, was established in Malawi in August, 2006. The network was officially launched in 2009 by the Minister of Education, Science and Technology.


The overall goal of WISTNET is to contribute to the socio economic development of Malawi by promoting science and technology among women and girls through scientific and technological dialogue, capacity building and research. Specifically to:-

  1. enhance partnership amongst women in science and technology through linkages at national and international levels;
  2. promote increased participation of female scientists and technologists in science and technology; and
  3. advocate for the participation of women scientists and technologists in decision making and in addressing problems that require scientific and technological intervention.

Governance Structure


The WISTNET has its Secretariat in the National Commission for Science and Technology, in the Directorate of Research and Technology Transfer, and the Chief Technology Transfer Officer, who is the Head of Technology Transfer Services Division, is the Desk Officer.


The Wistnet is guided by a constitution which was developed and adopted by the members.

Board of Trustees

The Network has a Board of Trustees and its current membership is as follows:

  1. Meya Patricia Kalindekafe – Chairperson
  2. Grace Malindi – V. Chairperson
  3. Maureen Chirwa – Member
  4. Mirriam Joshua- Member
  5. Ministry of Gender – Member
  6. Ministry of Education- Member