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Science and You Volume 2

Inside this issue:

  • The road to unveiling  fuel ethanol on the Malawi market
  • NCST becomes National Designted Entity (NDE)
  • NCST becomes a national designated entity (NDE) for climate change technology development and transfer
  • NCST proposes construction of a multi-purpose science, technology and innovation infrastructure
  • ASTII In-country training workshop in data collection for the production of STI Indicators
  • NCST for strict adherence to preservation and sustainable utilization of Malawi’s plant and animal genetic resources
  • NCST signs a memorandum of understanding with Technobrain Foundation
  • Challenges and opportunities of solid waste management: The case of Malawian cities
  • Towards the Malawi Biotechnology and Biosafety Consortium
  • Malawi to conduct Confined Field Trials on Banana
  • Building capacity in science communication
  • NCST provides support towards the 2016 National Schools Science Fair
  • NCST presents results of an evaluation of the school science fair to stakeholders
  • Research Proceedings
  • STI Institutions In malawi
  • Science and You Newsletter (21.9.21) 

The National Commission for the Science and Technology (NCST) is delighted to present to you the “Science and You”: a multidisciplinary newsletter on science, technology and innovation in Malawi.

The “Science and You” newsletter seeks to highlight activities on ways of harnessing applications of science, technology and innovation for the improvement of the human, social, economic and environmental condition in Malawi.

The major development challenges facing Malawi—ensuring food security, access to clean water, sustainable energy access, adapting to and mitigating the impacts of climate change, conserving biodiversity — can addressed by harnessing applications of science, technology and innovation.

As part of advancement of Science and Technology in Malawi, the government following a Gazette notice of 20th February 2009, established NCST with the function to advise the Government and other stakeholders on all science and technology matters in order to achieve a science and technology-led development.

The commission is expected promote, support, coordinate and regulate the development & application of science, Technology and Innovation so as to create wealth in order to improve quality of life.