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A peer reviewed collection of Research Proceedings the 2012 National Research Dissemination Conference Held at Crossroads Hotel published under the Auspicious of the National Commission for Science and Technology

IST-Africa Horizon2020 WorkshopReport Malawi 24Jan14

The Companion Document to  State of Science and Technology Report (SSTR) is aimed at providing its readers with frameworks that  enable better understanding and interpretation of the issues it has raised, and highlights factors and conditions that either propel or retard the development and application of science and technology and the emergence of innovation in the country.

The State of Science and Technology Report (SSTR) in Malawi 2010-11 provides a comprehensive overview of Malawi’s STI infrastructure beginning with a description (in Chapter 1) of the policy, regulatory, institutional and organizational framework for STI. The SSTR highlights strides in science, technology and innovation in the following areas: education and training; intellectual property; information, communication and technology; biotechnology; irrigation, water and sanitation; health; agriculture; energy and mining; genetic resources; climate change and meteorological services; and transport and construction.

National Commission for Science & Technology  Annual Report 2012/13. This reports highlights the major plans set out and the major achievements for the period under review.

National Commission for Science & Technology Annual Report 2023