The International Professional Recognition Council (IPRC) is excited to announce the next call for applications for the Professional Recognition Programme for Research Management and Administration (RMA).

The IPRC is an outcome of ongoing efforts by the Southern African Research and Innovation Management Association (SARIMA) in partnership with the other research management associations in Africa to elevate the profession of RMA. The IPRC is an autonomous body that awards professional designations to research managers and administrators (RMAs) who meet the requirements. The IPRC members are experienced RMAs representing the African and international research management community (click here to read more about the IPRC).

Professional recognition constitutes an award of professional status, which acknowledges the expertise and accomplishment of RMAs through the review of their portfolios of evidence by peers on the Technical Review Committee of the IPRC. The portfolio of evidence provides documented proof of prior learning, competencies, experience, contributions, and achievements.

Once awarded, the professional status is valid for five years, after which the status can be renewed or upgraded.

Why apply for professional recognition?
Professional recognition confirms to employers, colleagues and others in the RMA space that the individual has demonstrated core and transferable (cross-cutting) competencies and that s/he has made significant contributions to research management. It affirms standing in a global context and it provides an impetus for further professional development.

Who can apply?
RMAs from anywhere in Africa who meet the requirements can apply in one of the following categories:

Research Administration Professional (RAP)
This designation recognises individuals with one to three years’ experience and those who have been in the profession for some time but who have not yet advanced professionally. The purpose is to instil a professional identity, and to establish a professional development trajectory towards becoming an RMP, or to maintain recognition as a RAP.

Research Management Professional (RMP)
The aim of this designation is to recognise mid-to advanced career research managers with an undergraduate qualification and a minimum of three years’ relevant work experience, OR a minimum of five years’ relevant work experience without a qualification.

Senior Research Management Professional (SRMP)
This designation recognises senior research managers who serve in leadership or strategic roles. They are required to hold a postgraduate qualification at a master’s level or beyond, and have five years of relevant work experience.

For all categories, applicants must be a current member of a professional research management association.

Application and review process
1. Visit the IPRC website ( and review the requirements for the professional category of interest.
2. Select ‘Complete the online application’ for the relevant professional category. You will be required to create an account to log into the application system. On the website, please consult FAQ’s ‘How do I apply’ for further guidance.
3. Complete and submit the online application and pay the application fee by the deadline. Fees can be paid online with a credit card or applicants can request an invoice upon submission of the application.
4. Application is screened for completeness and to confirm that the requirements are met.
5. Peers serving on the IPRC Technical Review Committee reviews the application.
6. Outcome communicated to the applicant within three months of submission depending on the number of applications to be reviewed.
7. Successful applicants add the awarded designation to their credentials.
The application form is available in English and French. The French version can be accessed from 15 December.

Submission dates
You can start your application at any point in time. There will be two closing submission dates. Applications submitted, and fees paid by the deadline will be processed for review. Late or incomplete applications will stand over to a next submission date.

Deadline for submission of the online application 31 March 2023 (Round 1), 31 July 2023 (Round 2)
Deadline for payment of fees 30 April 2023 (Round 1), 31 August 2023 (Round 2)

It is strongly advised that applicants start as early as possible with the application. It will be time-consuming to prepare the portfolio and to collect the evidence to support the activities, contributions and achievements.

Resources and support
• Visit the IPRC website at
• Attend the guidance webinar on 14 December 2022 at 13:00 – 14:30 CAT (UTC +02:00) during which the programme and the application process will be explained to prospective applicants. The webinar will be presented in English with simultaneous interpretation to French. Please click here to register for the webinar.
• Contact the IPRC Secretariat:
o Technical support – Armand Barnard at
o Programme related enquiries and support – Dr Karin Dyason at