The National Commission for Science and Technology organized the 11 th National Secondary Schools Science Fair on 24 th -26 th October, 2022 hosted at Kamuzu Academy under the theme, “Promoting Scientific and Technological Innovations in Students-a Basis of Social Economic Development in Malawi.” The fair is organized to create a platform for secondary school students to display scientific innovations of their schools.

A total of 44 secondary schools including National secondary schools, Open secondary schools and community day secondary schools across the country, participated by displaying their different projects at the fair. The participants competed in different categories that aimed at bringing solutions to the communities namely, Environment and climate change, Energy sources, Health and Technological innovations.

Lilongwe Girls Secondary School, won this year’s science fair with a cash prize of K250,000 for developing a smart incubator project under the Technological Innovations category, followed by Blantyre Secondary School on second position with K220,000 for displaying a project that converts carbon dioxide to oxygen. Both schools were also given trophies.

The Guest of honor, Deputy Minister of education, Hon. Monica Chang’anamuno, MP, was impressed with what the young students displayed in alignment with the Malawi 2063 vision. She said, it is what we need as a country to discover those innovations and bring them to light and not just letting them die.

She was happy to see students, not only from national secondary schools but also from Community Day secondary schools which she said it is a motivation to them to see their projects being recognized. She encouraged the young students to continue to be innovative because as the country struggles with un-employment, it is the innovations that will create
more employment for them and friends.

In her remarks, Acting Director General of National Commission for Science and Technology Gift Kadzamira, said this years Science Fair has improved to compare with the previous ones in terms of the ideas of the different innovations. She said as the organizers they want to add more value to the coming science fairs for example adding more days to bring all partners together and plan as early as possible.

In addition, she said the science fair shouldn’t just be about exhibiting the innovations but to include mentoring sessions and career talks to the secondary school students to enlighten them so that they can be able to know and enroll into different universities.

She also said that the commission is aiming at putting more resources to improve the
innovations so that at the end of the fair, the recognized innovations can be improved and help
in commercialization so that at the end of the day the outcome should contribute towards
national transformation of vision Malawi 2063.

Keynote Speaker Mr. Corled Nkosi, appreciated and thanked all the institutions that helped him
to get where he is now. He encouraged his fellow students to work hard and make use of time
wisely. He said since we live in a world of internet and social media, it is better to use the
internet to learn something than just playing on social media platforms.

Some of the partners that made the event a success at the 2022 national school science fair were, NCST, Press Trust, MUST, MUBAS, Lab enterprise, MBS, Ethco, and mHub.