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The Technology Transfer (TT) is under the Directorate of Research and Technology Transfer. The Section is headed by the Chief Technology and Transfer Officer. The section is responsible for developing and implementing programmes that aim at promoting use of research results through technology transfer, acquisition, adaptation and diffusion. The TT is also responsible for promoting creativity and innovativeness as well as inculcating a science and technology culture at all levels of society.


  • Planning and implementing programmes/activities that aim at effective dissemination, commercialization and utilization of technologies and other research results to end-users;
  • Implementing programmes that aim at promoting public understanding and inculcating a science and technology culture among the public;
  • Identifying technologies that have potential for positive impact on rural communities and identify means and ways of transferring them to the communities;
  • Developing and implementing technology transfer capacity building programmes
  • Organizing science fairs, technology demonstrations, exhibits, competitions and field days