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The Secretariat of the Commission shall consist of the Director General and such other suitably qualified officers as may be required for the proper administration of the S&T Act.

Director General of the Commission

The Minister, on the recommendation of the Commission, shall appoint, on such terms and conditions as he may determine, a Director General of the Commission who shall be the chief executive of the commission, and shall in addition perform such duties as the Commission shall assign to his office and ensure the effective administration and implementation of the S&T Act.

The Director General shall be appointed from within or without the civil service.

The Director General shall be responsible for the day to day administration of the Commission

The Director General, or such other officer of the Commission as the Director General may designate, shall attend meetings of the Commission and of any committee of the Commission and may address such meetings, but shall not vote on any matter:

Provided that the person presiding at any meeting may, for good cause, require the Director General or such other officer to withdraw from such meeting.


Disclosure of interest by employee 

An employee of the Commission or a consultant to the Commission who, or whose immediate family member is directly or indirectly interested in a private or professional or official capacity in any matter being considered by the Commission, shall disclose such interest.

A disclosure of interest made under this section shall be made to the Director General who shall take such decision as he considers appropriate in each case and submit a report to the Commission.

Functions of the Secretariat of the Commission

The Secretariat of the Commission shall be responsible for implementing the programmes of the Commission.

The Secretariat of the commission shall-

  • provide technical and administrative backup services to the meetings and other functions of the Commission;
  • prepare and present to the Commission science and technology programmes for approval;
  • manage and coordinate science and technology funds in accordance with general and specific directions of the Commission;
  • maintain liaison with national and international agencies that provide financial and technical support for the implementation of the science and technology policy;
  • coordinate all science and technology related issues in the country;
  • prepare annual progress reports for consideration by the Commission; and
  • perform such other functions as may be assigned to it by the Commission.