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The Scientific and Awards Committee  consists of:

(a)   A Chairperson who is appointed by the Minister from among the members of the Commission;

(b)   The Director General who also serves as the Secretary of the Awards Committee; and

(c)    Six other members who are appointed by the Minister on the recommendation of the Commission.

In appointing persons to the Awards Committee, the Minister considers persons who have knowledge and experience of the application of the science and technology. A member of the Awards Committee holds office for a period of three years from the date of his/her appointment, and shall be eligible for re-appointment, unless he/she sooner ceases to be a member.

The Awards Committee may co-opt any person whose knowledge and experience in the application of science and technology may be of assistance to it in considering any application or proposal for the conferment of an award under the Science and Technology Act.

The Awards Committee, with technical advice from relevant Functional Committees, considers all applications or proposals for conferment of awards under the Act and makes appropriate recommendations to the Board. In deciding whether any application or proposal for the conferment of an award under this Act may be granted, the Awards Committee shall consider the importance of the invention or discovery in its application to the search for the solution of various social and economic problems facing Malawi.