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Establishment of the fund

There is hereby established a fund to be known as the Science and Technology fund (in the S&T Act otherwise referred to as the “Fund”).

The Fund shall consist of-

  • such sums as shall be appropriated by Parliament for the purposes of the Fund;
  •  the levy imposed under section 32;
  • advances made to the Fund under section 26;
  •  such sums or other assets as may be received for the purposes of the Fund by way of voluntary contributions or donations; and
  • such sums as are paid as a result of services provided by the Commission.

The fund to vest in the Minister Cap.37:01

  • The fund shall be vested in the Minister and, subject to this Act, and the Finance and Audit Act, shall be administered in accordance with his directions

Advances to the Fund

  • If in any financial year the income of the fund together with any surplus income brought forward from a previous year is insufficient to meet the actual or estimated liabilities of the Fund, the Minister responsible for finance may make advances to the Fund in order to meet the deficiency or any part thereof and such advances shall be made on such terms and conditions, whether as to repayment or otherwise, as the minister responsible for finance may determine.

Objects of the Fund

  • The objects of which the Fund is established shall be the advancement of science and technology in Malawi.


Application of the Fund

The fund may be applied for the purposes of-

  • Financing, by way of loan or grants, any research or study carried on, by or for the benefit of persons or organizations engaged in research matters relating to the development of science and technology;
  • Financing, by way of loans or grants, the training of citizens of Malawi for the benefit of organizations engaged in research in the development of science and technology;
  • Making awards to any person qualified for the grant to him of an award under this Act;
  • Providing support for scientific research and technology development and the application of the results in compliance with the national priorities determined by the Government upon advice by the Commission;
  • Commissioning the carrying out of a project by any person for any specific research which is of special importance to the nation;
  • Meeting any expenses arising from the establishment and maintenance of the Fund; and
  • Any purpose which the Minister considers to be in the interest of the objects of the Fund.


Books and other records of accounts audit and reports of the Fund

  • The Minister shall cause to be kept proper books and other records of account in respect of receipts and expenditure of the Fund.
  • The accounts of the Fund shall be audited by the Auditor General, who shall have all the powers conferred upon him by the Finance and Audit Act.
  • The Minister shall cause to be prepared, as soon as practicable, but not later than six months after the end of the financial year, an annual report on all the financial transactions of the Fund.
  • The report under subsection (3) shall include a balance sheet, an income and expenditure account and the annual report of the Auditor General and shall be laid by the Minister before the National Assembly.


Holdings of the Fund

  • All sums received for the purposes of the Fund shall be paid into a bank account and no amount shall be withdrawn there from except by means of cheques signed by such persons as are authorized in that behalf by the Minister.
  • Any part of the fund not immediately required for the purposes of the Fund may, on the recommendation of the commission be invested in such manner as the minister may determine, after consulting with the Minister responsible for finance.

Financial year

  • The financial year of the fund shall be the period of twelve months ending on 30th June, in each year or on such other date as the Minister may specify by order published in the Gazettee:
  • Provided that the financial year of the fund may be a period shorter or longer that twelve months as the Minister shall determine, but in any case not longer than eighteen months


  • The commission may, from time to time, by order published in the Gazette, impose in levy.