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The Research and Technology Transfer Directorate is there to appraise, review, monitor and evaluate priority research and development programmes, plans and projects of research and development institutions and undertake independently or in collaboration with any appropriate person, body or institution surveys and research investigations considered necessary


  • Encourage the use of local expertise in science and technology matters through the use of a set of professional standards, ethics and guidelines and support professional science and technology associations;
  • Encourage the establishment and promote the coordination of research institutions that undertake research and development activities which promote national socio economic development and other specialised research and development activities in a manner that enhances cooperation and collaboration among national and international science and technology personnel and institutions;
  • promote and advocate for the development of science and technology human resources by building capacity in science and technology education and training programmes and providing assistance in the development of appropriate science and technology curricula of the various levels of the education system
  • Organise national science and technology fairs and open days so as to promote national science and technology awareness and culture,documentation, consolidation and dissemination of relevant science and technology information and generally promote the role of information technology;
  • Promote the transfer of technology through conventional methods including information exchange and training, purchase and licence agreements and joint venture agreements with foreign partners in which research and development is given prominent consideration and in support of this, establish and maintain national capacity for negotiating, monitoring and regulating technology transfer agreements;
  • Promote and encourage the patenting and commercialisation of research results to farmers, industrialists and entrepreneurs or end users in a manner that enhances economic diversification, competitiveness and employment generation;
  • Promote sustainable socio-economic development through the general and application of environmental friendly technologies so as to protect and conserve natural resources;
  • Promote and maintain cooperation in science and technology with similar bodies in other countries and with international bodies connected with science and technology;

This directorate is made up of these section: