NCST Signs Digital Empowerment Program MOU with TECHNO BRAIN


Putting pen to paper were, the Director General of NCST, Mr. Anthony Muyepa and the country director of TBF, Mr. Jose AraujoThe National Commission for Science and Technology has entered into an agreement with Techno Brain Foundation, Mauritius (TBF) on Digital Empowerment Program. This has been symbolized by a formal signing in ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at the NCST. NCST Director General, Mr. Anthony Muyepa and the Country Director of TBF, Mr. Jose Araujo expressed hope that the implementation of this MOU will help to endorse and promote youth development in ICT courses for the nation.

The scope of the MOU is to jointly develop ICT skills and employment opportunities with a primary focus on the youth seeking employment passing from various universities. It is also aimed to promote and conduct ICT training and mentoring classes on the agreed period and agreed courses. The training will be conducted using the computer classroom and lab of Techno Brain. This arrangement will build a workforce that will impact the efficiency of the employment segment and GDP of the nations.

There are three focus areas of cooperation which are ; the products to be trained, endorsement of the curriculum and reaching out to key stakeholders.

Among other responsibilities, NCST will work as a knowledge partner of TBF and will endorse the programme and will also provide help in reaching out to key stake holders from public and private sector to build employment opportunities while providing help to reach out to the Universities in building talent and skills for the youth. On the other hand, TBF will be responsible for the creation of the curriculum based upon the market needs and will be responsible for selection of the candidates while funding the entire  training, delivery and mentoring.

The formal launch of the programme will be carried out soon, at a date to be announced.