NCST participates in the Feacal Sludge Treatment Research Site at the Polytechnic

Participants visit a Feacal Sludge Treatment Research Site at the Polytechnic The workshop was organized by the Polytechnic – Centre for Water, Sanitation, Health & Appropriate Technology Development (WASHTED) and Eawag – Sandec of Switzerland. The workshop was held on 4-5th May, 2017 in Blantyre at the Polytechnic. The CRSO (EDIE) Mr. Fredrick Munthali on behalf of the Commission participated in the workshop.

The workshop brought together international and local experts and researchers to share the latest approaches and technologies for sanitation planning learning more about the newest approaches and technologies for achieving universal sanitation. The workshop therefore provided participants the opportunity for the development of new skills and approaches in the development and implementation of waste management and sanitation projects.

The workshop involved presentations, group work, case studies, exercises and demonstrations. The main topics that were covered during the workshop were:

  • Sanitation planning for rural and urban areas. Introduction to Sanitation 21, CLUES and Sanitation Safety Plans;
  • Sanitation options: technologies for collection and transport and technologies treatment and use
  • Quantification and characterization of feacal sludge;
  • Treatment and reuse of feacal sludge;
  • Introduction to Case studies, group work assignment (Dakar, Khulna, Kampala)
  • Social and financial issues with emptying and treatment of feacal sludge; and
  • Health and microbiology of feacal sludge.