NCST develops and hands over FRIM’s LIVE-WEBSITE

On 16th January 2018, it was one of the happiest days at the Forestry Research Institute of Malawi (FRIM) when National Commission for Science and Technology (NCST) officials represented by the Director General descended to Zomba, a city on the South Eastern side of Malawi. Zomba is an intellectual hub of Malawi and is a home to the University of Malawi and Chancellor College, one of its constituent colleges. Zomba is also well known for its geo-physical features like Zomba Plateaux and also Lake Chilwa which provides livelihoods to many people around the lake and beyond.

Forestry Research Institute of Malawi (FRIM) is based in Zomba and for a long time they have been operating without a website. FRIM engaged the National Commission for Science and Technology (NCST) to build its capacity by developing a website for them based on the long-time working relationship which exists between the two institutions.

After a couple of months of developing and populating the Website, NCST’s Director General handed over the Website to FRIM’s Director.

In his acceptance remarks, the Director of FRIM, Dr. Chanyenga stated that FRIM has accomplished a lot but very few is reported in the media and hence it is not known because of lack of mechanisms to inform the public. The website will therefore help in publishing their information to the nation. He said, “nowadays, technology drives everything and having a live website like this one will help us showcase our products as we can also digitize even the old reports and make them public”. He also said “currents developments on Mulanje cedar will be published on this website. FRIM has reknowned scientists whose information is not showcased, and this is now an opportunity for us”. In addition, FRIM will be more visible because of the new website. Above all, FRIM would like to foster a new relationship with NCST and contribute to the National Research Agenda as they provide direction on research governance.

In his remarks, Director General, Mr Anthony Muyepa also thanked FRIM for extending their request to NCST to help them build capacity. He said he was pleased to be at FRIM to grace this occasion which marked the official launch of FRIM’s website which now has a new look. He said the support rendered to FRIM is within the mandate of the NCST as we intend to make R&D institutions in the country to be visible. The event which has happened on this day was a result of networking and collaboration between the two organisations. Today, with the availability of the website we have results that can be viewed miles away using Internet technology. He thanked the team behind achieving this milestone as they really worked hard to make it happen. In conclusion, he agreed that his organization will continue to work with FRIM and currently, NCST will focus on developing policy briefs jointly with FRIM especially on Mulanje Cedar and NCST team will now focus on developing new research proposals in collaboration with FRIM in line with NCST’s new strategic plan which is to be unveiled soon.