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Promote, support, coordinate, and regulate research and development in the fields of infectious diseases, health systems, reproductive health, environmental health, nutrition, non-communicable diseases, social and behavioural research, trauma and rehabilitation, mental health and other health related areas.

 Terms of reference

  1. Develop and review procedures, guidelines and standards for conduct of health related research in Malawi
  2. Initiate the setting and review of the health research priorities and agenda in tandem with the identified priorities in the health sector.
  3. Advise Government including the Ministry of Health on all scientific and ethical aspects of health related research.
  4. Review and clear all research protocols in health and biomedical sciences fields except those involving members of the College of Medicine and Kamuzu College of Nursing and their collaborators which are reviewed and authorized by the NRCM authorized College of Medicine Research and Ethics Committee (COMREC).
  5. Offer guidance, in relation to each health sciences research related protocol, on the balance between the use of laboratories and expertise outside the country, and the import of techniques and equipment (including personnel) into the country upholding that all research specimens and materials shall not be exported without permission from the NHSRC.
  6. Review and clear on behalf of Government all materials originating from health related research which is intended for publication within and outside Malawi except where these have already been cleared by the College of Medicine Research and Ethics Committee.
  7. Recommend to Government including the Ministry of Health on collaborative contacts among health research scientists of varying capabilities and/or attachments to advanced research centres, within and outside Malawi, for the purpose of upgrading the available research manpower and skills.
  8. Offer a medium and forum for the dissemination of health related research results and exchange of best practices and experiences in health related research.


  1. National Commission for Science and Technology;
  2. Ministry of Health Headquarters;
  3. College of Medicine Research and Ethics Committee;
  4. Community Health Sciences Unit;
  5. National AIDS Commission;
  6. Centre for Social Research;
  7. Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital;
  8. Zomba Central Hospital;
  9. Lilongwe Central Hospital;
  10. Christian Health Association of Malawi;
  11. Lay/Community member;
  12. Mzuzu University;
  13. Mzuzu Central Hospital;
  14. Nurses and Midwives Council of Malawi
  15. Ministry of Justice (Lawyer)