National Committee on Documentation and Information Services (NACODIS)

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Promote, support, coordinate, and regulate documentation, information, communication and ICT services.

Terms of reference

  1. Conduct information needs assessment and develop intervention programmes;
  2. Support library and information infrastructure by promoting resource sharing, standardization and service coordination;
  3. Develop and review library, documentation and information management guidelines in STI issues;
  4. Promote utilization and application of information and communication technology;
  5. Facilitate the identification, acquisition, recording and retrieval of indigenous knowledge systems;
  6. Facilitate information exchange, resource sharing and repackaging conservation and preservation of information and knowledge among various stakeholders;
  7. Enhance publicity for the existing and potential services and resources through media, compilation of sectoral catalogues, Journals, newsletters, national registers, bibliographies and directories;
  8. Promote public understanding of science, technology and innovation; and
  9. Solicit funding for documentation, communication and cyber-infrastructure development for the Commission;


  1. National Library Service
  2. Malawi National Commission for UNESCO
  3. Bunda College (Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources)
  4. Chancellor College
  5. Mzuzu University
  6. National Archives
  7. Malawi Library Consortium
  8. Malawi Library Association
  9. Department of Information Systems and Technology Management Services
  10. Ubuntu Alliance
  11. ICT Association of Malawi
  12. Media Institute of Southern Africa – Malawi Chapter.