Malawi youthful entrepreneur Daniel Kwizombe launches Eka-Lite LED bulbs

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Sosten Gwengwe, on 29th may 2024 evening led local and international dignitaries at the launch of Eka-Lite LED bulbs, products made by DEK Engineering and Electrical Contractors Limited.

The company is owned by Daniel Kwizombe, a Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) graduate, and a beneficiary of the USAID-funded Business Acceleration for Youth Project and National Commission for Science and Technology (NCST)’s Science and Technology Fund.

NCST is providing financing to innovators by way of loan or grants by or for the benefit of persons or organizations engaged in research matters relating to the development of science and technology, Kwizombe was one of the 10 youthful innovators who received MK10 million each from the Fund in November 2024, who invested the grant into the expansion of his bulb-making business.

Speaking at the launch of the Eka-Lite LED bulbs, Minister Gwengwe asked Malawians to support local industry by buying their products, stressing that this is key in creating jobs as well as growing the local economy.

“Young as he is and as you can see, you can differentiate with any other important bulb that we use in our homes. So, basically the message is that we do have policies in this country; one of them is the Malawi strategy, which we are using currently. But beyond that, we also have some laws, for example, the control of goods and as a ministry and government would want to use all these pieces or these pieces of instruments to foster local production and support those that are innovative that are coming up with products like the ones we’ve launched today,” he said.

Gwengwe assured that the government will continue providing a conducive environment for entrepreneurs on the domestic market to thrive in their businesses.

In his remarks, BA4Y Chief of Party David Slane said Daniel is one of the first 12 participants in cohort one of their project’s business acceleration component currently receiving bespoke technical assistance aimed at helping Small and Medium Enterprises become investment ready.

Slane said Kwizombe’s passion and determination to take his business to new heights motivated them to finance him.

“And today he has just done that, with many more highlights to come. It is both encouraging and inspiring to witness a young man like Daniel driving innovation and developing a product like Eka-Lite bulbs. This launch is not only significant for Daniel, but also Malawi as a whole as it provides a shining light to other entrepreneurs. Eka lite bulbs are a shining example of Malawian Innovation and brilliance. It shows that with the right support, our local talents can create amazing products that make a difference,” he said.

Slane said as a project, they remain committed to continuing their support for Daniel in any way possible.

“We recognize the opportunities that have already come his way and hope many more will follow. Daniel’s entrepreneurial journey should be a reminder to all young Malawians that you can achieve your innovative ideas. As Daniel has demonstrated, you don’t always need to look for a ‘green light, from someone else. All you need to do is take that first step and START!” he said.

Kwizombe thanked stakeholders that assisted him achieve his dream. He pledged to continue working hard to develop his company.