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: Chief Information, Education and Communications Services Officer

MANDATE OF THE SECTION: To create public awareness and understanding of Science and Technology issues in the country


The primary objective is to generate awareness, support and commitment in the advancement of Science, Technology and Innovations at the national level.


1. Raise awareness among Government officials, national decision makers, communities, youths, civil society and policy makers on the importance of the promotion of science and technology in Malawi to lead Malawi to development through science and technology

2. Increase Government and donor confidence in the NCST

3. Boost political and financial support for the NCST by improving understanding with Government, Parliament and Government departments

4. Foster teamwork among the directorates of the Commission


• Liaising with the Commission’s sections and directorates and provide appropriate IEC services to them

• Executing specific assignments creating designs and messages for IEC materials such as booklets, brochures, fliers, banners, posters, programme briefs, newspaper articles and any other appropriate IEC materials

• Developing program specific print jobs

• Preparing specific messages for the media and the general public for particular functions and events

• Organizing media coverage for specific NCST activities and ensuring the media has been provided with relevant and adequate information

• Overseeing media programmes; radio, television programmes plus round table and panel discussions

• Organize media trainings and the formation and sustenance of a working media committee to promote the reporting of science and technology

• Managing the Commissions events

• Liaising with the media and stakeholders in the provision of timely information from the NCST

• Developing program specific awareness programmes for all the directorates of the Commission

• Being the link office between the Commission and the media fraternity

• Showcasing the services and products of NCST in relevant Science and Technology for a


• Implementing effective IEC interventions within the Commission and with stakeholders and the general public

• Ensuring adequate and relevant supply of IEC materials to targeted audiences

• Developing and disseminating messages on Science and Technology

• Segmenting audiences and developing relevant and specific messages for each audience