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Reporting to the Director General, the Head of Finance and Administration is responsible for the Management and Coordination of    Human Resource, Administration and Finance matters of the Commission.


Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Initiating the development and implementation of policy in Human Resource, Finance and Administration.
  • Coordinating the preparation of budgets for the Commission.
  • Assessing management, Organization and staffing patterns and Systems to ensure efficiency effectiveness.
  • Establishing and maintaining some management information system.
  • Providing and coordinating Human Resource, Administrative and Financial services for the Commission.
  • Providing Strategic guidance and direction on management activities of the Commission.
  • Initiating the formulation and review of procurement procedures and regulations.
  • Answering audit queries.
  • Carrying out Human Resource Planning, Development and Management services.
  • Interpreting and implementing Human Resource, Financial and Administrative rules, regulations and procedures.
  • Organizing internal and external audit programmes.
  • Performing any other duties assigned by the Director General.