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Prof. Emmanuel Kaunda

Dr Cecelia Maliwichi-Nyirenda
Vice Chair of the Board

Commissioner I. V Mhone
Board Member

Mr Dan Kapatuka Commissioner & Chair of FiAAC

Sr. No Name of Commissioner  
1 Prof. Emmanuel Kaunda   Chairperson
2 Dr. Agnes Chimbiri Vice – Chairperson
3 Mr. Daniel Kapatuka Member
4 Mr. Frank Maele Member
5 Mr. Munday Makoko Member
6 Dr. Cecilia Maliwichi-Nyirenda Member
7 Prof. Chomora Mikeka Member
8 Prof. Ken Wiyo Member
9 Mr. Jackson Mdyetseni Member
10 Prof. Ken. Maleta Member
11 Director General Secretariat


Ex-Official Members 

1 The Secretary for  Agriculture and Food Security
2 The Secretary for Education
3 The Secretary for Health
4 The Secretary for Forestry and Natural Resources
5 The Secretary for Economic Planning and Development
6 The Comptroller of Statutory Corporation