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Board Relationship with Senior Management

Regular Attendance of Non-Members at Board Meetings

The Board encourages the DG, from time to time, to bring into Board meetings Departmental Heads and other managers who:

  • Can provide additional insight into the items being discussed because of personal involvement in these areas, and/or
  • Are managers with future potential that senior management believes should be given exposure to the Board.

Should the DG want to add additional people as attendees on a regular basis, it is expected that this suggestion should be made to the Board for its concurrence.

Board Access to Senior Management

Commissioners have access to management and may even meet separately with management, without the attendance of the DG. This should, however, be agreed collectively by the Board, and usually facilitated by the Chairperson.

It is assumed that Board members will use judgment to ensure that these contacts do not distract NCST operation and the DG is appropriately informed of such contacts.

Board’s Interaction with GoM and Key Stakeholders

The Board appreciates the fact that GoM and key stakeholders perception affects NCST’s reputation. The Board shall strive to achieve the appropriate balance between its various stakeholder groupings, in the best interests of NCST.


Transparent and effective communication with stakeholders is essential for building and maintaining their trust and confidence. The Board believes that as a general matter, management speaks for NCST. Individual Board members may meet or otherwise communicate with various constituencies that are involved with NCST. If comments from the Board are appropriate, they should, in most circumstances, come from the DG.


There will be a dialogue with GoM and key stakeholders based on the mutual understanding of objectives. The Board as a whole has responsibility for ensuring that a satisfactory dialogue with key stakeholders takes place. The Board will adopt a formal dispute resolution processes for internal and external disputes.


Whilst recognizing that most key stakeholders contact is with the DG, the Chairperson shall maintain sufficient contact with key stakeholders to understand their issues and concerns. The Chairperson shall ensure that the views of the GoM and key stakeholders are communicated to the Board as a whole.  Commissioners should also be offered the opportunity to attend meetings with key stakeholders.