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Commissioner Orientation and Continuing Education

The Board (through the office of the Chairperson and DG) and the Secretariat conducts a comprehensive orientation process for new Commissioners to become familiar with NCST’s vision, strategic direction, core values including ethics, financial matters, corporate governance practices and other key policies and practices. The orientaion process involves review of background material, meetings with senior management and visits to the NCST’s facilities.

The Board also recognizes the importance of continuing education for its Commissioners and is committed to provide such education in order to improve both Board and Committee performance. The Board acknowledges that Commissioners continuing education may be provided in a variety of different forms including: external or internal education programs, presentations or briefings on particular topics, educational materials, meetings with key management and visits to NCST’s facilities.

NCST encourages Commissioners to take advantage of educational opportunities on an ongoing basis to enable them to better perform their duties and to keep informed about developments in areas such as the Science, Technology, Innovation, Corporate Governance and Director responsibilities.

It is the responsibility of the Chairperson, in liaison with the DG, to advise the Commissioners about their continuing education on subjects that would assist them in discharging their duties.

Management Development and Succession Planning

Long term planning for DG and Departmental Heads development and succession is one of the Board’s most important functions. The Board and the Appointments & Admininstration Committee, identifies and regularly updates the qualities and characteristics necessary for an effective DG. With these principles in mind, the Board periodically monitors and reviews the development and progression of potential internal candidates against these standards.

The Management Development Programme focuses on the DG and Departmental Heads. It includes:

  • Tracking their assignments;
  • Identifying their developmental needs; and
  • Establishing the career paths, training & development plans that will prepare them for higher responsibility.

Working with the DG, the Board ensures that plans are in place for contingencies such as the departure, death or disability of the DG or other members of senior management to facilitate the transition to both interim and longer-term leadership in the event of an untimely vacancy.