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Board Size

NCST Board composition allows for effective decision-making and supervision of the Secretariat. The number of Members ensures fruitful discussions which lead appropriate, swift and prudent decisions.

The current size of the Board is inline with the Science and Technology Act which permits a maximum of fifteen (15) Members to be appointed to the Board.

Board Chairperson

The Board of Commissioners shall be headed by an independent non-executive Chairperson who shall be appointed by the Minister.

Independent Commissioners

  • Nine (9) persons shall be appointed by the Minister of which at least:

–                Six (6) shall be appointed from the industry, academic, research and development institutions;

–                One (1) from civil society; and

–                One (1) shall be a gender expert.

  • The following ex-officio members shall also be part of the Board:

–                Secretary for Agriculture & Irrigation (or his/her representative);

–                Secretary for Education, Science & Technology (or his/her representative);

–                Secretary for Health ((or his/her representative);

–                Secretary for Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs (or his/her representative); and

–                Secretary for National Economic Council (or his/her representative).

  • The Director General shall be the secretray of the Board.


These Commissioners shall be of sufficient caliber for their views to carry significant weight in the Board’s decisions.  The Board consists of independent non- executive Members. An independent non-executive Member is one who:

–                Is not employed by NCST nor serves on a full time basis;

–                Is not associated to an adviser or consultant to NCST or a member of the Secretariat or a recepient of grant from NCST; or within the last three years, has not had any business relationship with the Organisation (other than service as a Commissioner) for which NCST has been required to make disclosure;

–                Has no personal service contract(s) with the NCST, or a member of the Secretariat;

–                Is not a member of the family of any person described above; or

Each independent Commissioner will notify the Chairperson, as soon as practicable, of any event, situation or condition that may affect the Board’s evaluation of his or her independence.

Board Vice-Chairperson

The Vice-Chairperson shall be elected by the Board from among its members. An ex-officio member shall not be elected as a Vice-Chairperson.