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Director General - National Commission for Science and Technology

Director General – National Commission for Science and Technology

The Board and Management of the National Commission for Science and Technology (NCST) appointed  Mr. Anthony Muyepa-Phiri as  the 2nd Director General of the NCST. His appointment was effective 1st October, 2013.

As Director General, Anthony Muyepa has engaged NCST in a strategic and transformative journey in exercising and performing powers, duties and functions in connection with the commitment of the Government of Malawi in advancing Science and Technology in Malawi as declared in the National Science and Technology Policy

Prior to his appointment at NCST, Mr Muyepa-Phiri served as Director of ICT for the College of Medicine and Chief Technical Officer for Malawi Research and Education Network (MAREN) whose objectives include improving interconnectivity between local research – education institutions and their regional and global counterparts.

Mr. Muyepa-Phiri brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise, working in strategic and operational planning, organizational structures, scalable networking, information systems, collaborative tools, system design and development and ICT for development. He has worked with Institutions of Higher Learning, Health Information Systems programs , and research and educational networks in Malawi. Most notably are the Internet Exchange Point development, and the Malawi Health Information Systems development. He has a passion for research and its potential to address some of the challenges faced by Malawi.

Mr. Muyepa aims to bring together the top leadership of the scientific and technological institutions in the country under one forum, through collaboration, consultation and cooperation with parties within Malawi whose functions relate to the development and application of science and technology.

His focus is on increasing the character of NCST, to be a strong research and innovation hub in the country which should result in the kind of socio-economic developments that are needed to improve the lives of our people.  Research management and more meaningful engagements with industry stakeholders will be other key focus areas for the NCST during his tenure.

NCST wishes him all the best as he steers the institution towards achieving a nation with scientifically and technologically- led sustainable growth and development.